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Hourly and Live-in Support

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Hourly Support and Live-in

Acknowledging that it is time to ask for a bit of support is not as daunting as it seems. As we get older or our situations change, we might get to the stage that to live everyday life, we need additional help. In the past, living in residential homes was the only option. However, nowadays, most people prefer to take a person-centred approach and live in their home and use live-in support and care.At community Care Experts, our support workers can visit you regularly as you like. If you or your loved ones need more extended visits during the day, night or 24 hours a day, this is fine too. 


Live-in care is an alternative to residential and care homes. This is a great way to receive the care and support you need while living independently in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Your care worker will be living with you in your home whilst helping you with your personal care, medication management, accessing community or household management. At the same time, they can support you to enjoy your normal day-to-day activities such as socialising with friends, going out, accessing the community, doing your hobbies, spending time with your family, and living an independent lifestyle.

It can be an ideal approach for receiving bespoke one-to-one support assistance in your own home on your terms. We can also provide short-term live-in support to cover a holiday, family respite, home from hospital support, or during a rehabilitation period. Whatever reason you or your loved one might have for considering hourly or live-in support, we are here to help you. Just call us to discuss your need and book your free assessment.

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Our Live-in and hourly supports are varied including, but not limited to :

Personal Care: private hygiene, dressing and maintaining personal appearance, bathing and showering including bed-baths, oral hygiene, applying make-up, and hair care.

Night support: Sleep-in & awake night 

Working on rehabilitation plans and achieving rehabilitation goals

Re-ablement or Care after hospital discharge

Hospital admission

GP and hospital appointments 

Companionship & emotional support

Support with shielding during the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 support

Accessing community and maintaining your social life

Dietary support such as meals preparation and help with eating.

Shopping, laundry, washing, ironing and similar light household chores

Support with toileting and continence management

Support with managing medication from collection to administration

Collecting pensions and similar chores

Light gardening such as watering your plant.

Stoma care

PEG feed and Care

Tracheostomy care

and etc


Live-in and Hourly Support: About

Home Care Experts Here to Serve You

We have a dedicated team who fully understand it all and are on hand to develop a care package that suits you and your needs. We will walk you through every stage of the process and will be with you as long as you wish so. To find how we can help you or assess what support best fits your needs, give us a call on 07497604749 to have a chat and discuss your requirement and book your free initial assessment.

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To find how we can help give us a call on 07497604749 to have a chat and discuss your needs and book your initial free assessment.

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