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About Community Care Experts

Welcome to Community Care Experts. We are a highly professional home care service providing care and support to people in their own homes. We support private (self-funded), NHS and Local Authority funded individuals operating from an office in Surbiton within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. We have many years of proven care experience behind us. Our values are enshrined in delivering the best possible care and service to our Service Users and their families. We combine our expertise, skills and knowledge with warmth and kindness and have a client-friendly organisation. Our team are fair, honest, transparent, and respect individuals' choice, integrity and independence. We value our team members and equip them with training and management support to provide the highest level of care. We believe that our team members are our ambassadors and crucial to our success. We are never self-satisfied and continue to strive for excellence.


Our Values

Quality, not quantity
Choice, dignity and independence 
Strive for equality

Safeguard integrity
Adopt best practice
Encourage education
End lowest tender contracts

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Our History

Community Care Experts was founded in 2020. Farah Namini is the founder and managing director of Community Care Expert. Farah has always believed that personal care should be person-centred and not task-oriented. After many years of working in various long-established home care services in the UK, Farah was convinced that her vision of person-centred care was yet to be translated into practice and become a reality. Therefore, she decided to do something about it and make her vision of person-centred personal care a reality. Farah designed Community Care Experts to offer the highest quality of person-centred care to individuals who need support and desire to remain in their own homes.
​Farah designed a home care service that enhances individuals' quality of life, helping them live their lives to the full and do whatever they want to, whenever they want to and however, they want to. Farah developed a place where she would trust and choose for her loved ones and herself.

Our team has 35+ years of experience in social care and nursing. We are passionate about providing a high standard of care and want to utilise our expertise to serve our community. 

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